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Tailoring Your Singing Audition for Television

Auditioning for television is thrilling, but it may feel like a different world if you’ve performed only in small theaters or the church choir. Here are some basic guidelines for auditioning your song for a televised performance:

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  • Self-confidence is a must. Being confident means letting go of your shyness but not being cocky. You want to be mentally prepared so you can handle the stress of a high-pressure audition.

    Self-confidence makes your audience feel at ease because they don’t have to worry about you — they can enjoy your performance. Being cocky may turn them off because it may look like you’re too good for them. You want to show a spark of star power without being arrogant.

  • Choose material that highlights your strength and is appropriate for the audition. You have to determine your strength and which song will show off your assets. If you aren’t sure about the material, hire a reputable coach to give you feedback.
  • The camera is your friend. If someone asks you to slate, he wants you to announce your name and your song to the camera. The camera picks up every little detail, so practice in front of a camera prior to the audition. A small hand-held camcorder is fine. Record yourself practicing your audition.

    Pay attention to your body language; do you appear confident? Ask someone who has done television auditions to give you feedback.

  • Your outfit really matters. Wearing something that shows your body at its best is key for a television audition. The outfit should show your style and represent your personality.

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