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Discovering Your Falsetto Singing Voice

As a man, if you’ve ever imitated a woman, by either speaking or singing, you’ve found your falsetto. Your falsetto voice may not be really strong, but giving it a good workout for singing is important so that you can strengthen your head voice.

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Listen to a singer using falsetto sounds. Notice that the falsetto is light, unlike your speaking voice; it’s similar to your voice when you were younger. Now try finding your falsetto by using the following tips:

  • First slide around above Middle C. Most men can sing in falsetto from about the A below Middle C up to as high as they’re comfortable.
  • Allow yourself to just make sounds in your falsetto to get used to the feeling. You don’t have to slide high in pitch, but slide around on the ooh vowel enough that you can check the position of your larynx as you ascend.
  • As in other areas of your voice, keep the larynx steady as you ascend in pitch. Take a breath and check the position of your larynx.
  • Keep the soft palate lifted as you slide around in pitch and as you sing the patterns.
  • If your larynx moves up as you begin the first note, start on a lower pitch. Remember to open the space as you inhale so your larynx can descend.

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